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Ensure the Safety of vehicle driving
Reduce fuel consumption
Extend tyres' lives
Real time monitor tyres' pressures

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Most filling stations never give the correct tyre presure. For your saftey, please check your pressure by yourself. Please, I like you to test your pressure readings from three or more filling stations,then you will think of Tyre Pressure Monitor

Would the truck drivers have time to check the 12 wheels tyre pressure regular ?

Correct tyre pressure is an important aspect to how your vehicle handles and drives.It affects braking distances, fuel consumption and the life of the tyres.

All vehicle currently have a tyre placard fitted to the vehicle for easy referral by the driver, specifying the
required tyre pressures for that vehicle. In most vehicle this placard is located either in the glove box or the vehicle
door edge.

The fundamental problem is that most drivers rarely check the vehicle's tyre pressures. The process is time consuming and in many cases a dirty job. Ideally it should be done before each journey, a requirement which is totally impractical.

As a result of this impracticality, research carried out by motoring organisations and governments around the world all conclude that the majority of vehicles on the roads are driving around with mostly under inflated tyres.

The situation where tyre pressures are infrequently checked and the fact that tyres slowly deflate over time due to the natural porous nature of the rubber compounds used within the construction of the tyre, end up creating this situation.

Many drivers also believe that they can check the air pressure just by looking at the wheels and judging the sidewall appearance. Others rely on the air gauges at service stations. Many of these gauges are grossly inaccurate due to heavy usage and abuse.

Other factors also affect the pressure. The first is temperature. The problem with temperature is that as a vehicle starts moving, the frictional forces created by the tyre distorting as it rolls create heat. This heat causes the pressure to increase. The air pressure most typically can increase 6-8PSI in pressure from a cold start, as its working temperature increases 20-30degC.

All these factors contribute to incorrectly inflated tyres, all of which result in unsafe motoring, excessive fuel consumption, excessive tyre wear and in some situations blowouts. When we talk about excessive wear, the tyre industry estimates a loss of 10-50% of affective usage solely due to this problem. The environmental impacts are great, but not as great as the impact of carbon emissions due to excessive fuel consumption.

Tyre Monitors (Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems or TPMS for short) solve this problem, by monitoring the vehicles wheel pressures and temperatures both while the vehicle is parked and while the vehicle is driven. The ability to monitor the vehicle tyre pressure using wireless technology, while the vehicle is being driven is a true breakthrough, for this is the true condition for which the driver needs to know how much pressure is in the tyres.

It is not uncommon for a wheel to start deflating only after a journey has commenced. Even the most diligent of drivers who monitor their tyre pressures on a daily basis cannot match the functionality delivered by a Tyre Monitoring System.

Tyre Monitors are now compulsory for all vehicles sold and manufactured in the USA. With the vast distances that Australians on average travel, the protection these systems provide are even more essential for Australian roads.



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